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Universi is an online platform where talented people
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Journalists, critics, men of letters, philosophers, professors, students,
book-writers, architects, designers… can publish their own articles about
art, architecture, design, literature, philosophy, science, technology, environment…
and get a selected audience of professional readers.

Our platform is academic-oriented. We select and publish only
the best articles (critical, theoretical, historical).
Universi is a professional platform for professional writers and readers.
Write an article on a musical group, review a book you love or a tech device,
expose your inner art critic about a literary movement, interview a designer, a philosopher,
an artist, a scientist, involve the public opinion on issues such as the environment and the
architecture, describe the cultural experiences of your trips, add photos, videos…
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Universi, promotes the most loved articles to the main page of the magazine,
giving you more visibility, prestige and revenues.

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